Donald Trump is doing to America what Mike Pence did to Indiana, and it’s costing us job after job after job.

During his tenure as Governor, Mike Pence financially rewarded nearly a dozen companies that fired employees in Indiana and sent those jobs overseas. I’ve spent a decade representing my community in the Indiana state legislature, and I’ve seen too many times what happens to hard-working Hoosier families when the government rewards companies that ship jobs abroad.

Since Mike Pence has gone to Washington, he has helped Donald Trump reward federal contractors with hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars, even as more than half of them continue to ship jobs overseas.

In the first six months of the Trump presidency, 140,000 American workers have been laid off as companies continue to ship jobs overseas, and wages have dropped nationally. In Indiana alone, there have been 37 new mass layoffs announced.

Companies should be penalized, not rewarded for sending our jobs offshore – in Indiana, in Washington and across the country.

Here in Indiana, I sponsored a bill, the Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act (SB 94), that stops the gratuitous rewards our state continues to heap on employers that relocate good call center jobs to foreign soil. It just seems like common sense for the Indiana government to ensure that companies that abandon workers are no longer rewarded with state grants, loans, or tax credits.

In Washington, our Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) has co-sponsored a similar bill at the federal level, that has received strong bi-partisan support, and he’s called on the president to draw up an executive order that achieves the same goal. This federal call center legislation would help to bring good communications jobs back to American workers.
And it’s not just call center jobs. With the stroke of a pen, Donald Trump could ensure corporations that offshore good union manufacturing jobs – like United Technologies, Verizon, and GE – don’t get rewarded with billions of dollars in lucrative federal contracts.

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised to be a champion for workers. He promised to turn the GOP into a workers’ party. He promised to “create more jobs and better wages.” He promised to stop the very offshoring that’s dissolving good paying jobs right now.

But despite the promises and photo-ops with my constituents, he hasn’t done a thing about it. I want to know, what the heck happened to the “hire American” part of Donald Trump’s “buy American, hire American” guarantee?

Enough. No company should be rewarded for putting Americans out of work.

President Trump has the power to fix this. Despite all the crystal-clear promises that boomed from campaign-trail podiums, he just hasn’t done it.

That’s why my colleagues and I are speaking out with Good Jobs Nation about the legislation I introduced here in Indiana, and Senator Donnelly’s legislation at the federal level, that stops our hard-earned taxpayer dollars from filling the coffers of corporations that turn their backs on American workers. And we’re getting the word out that there are executive actions President Trump could sign today to save American jobs tomorrow.

Here in Indiana and across the country, we need a government that stands up for American workers. We need President Trump to pick up the pen, deliver on his promises, and keep good paying jobs here in America.


Sen. Niezgodski represents Indiana Senate District 10 which includes the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka, as well as the University of Notre Dame. For more information on Sen. Niezgodski’s legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit

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