INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) issued the following statement regarding the successful journey of Jim Nowacki from Gary, Indiana to the Statehouse.

“Mr. Nowacki completed his trek to the Statehouse earlier today. His efforts have drawn attention to the need for expanded prescription options in our state for sick and injured Hoosiers. I applaud his determination and commitment in working to change public policy in this state.

“For several years I have attempted to enact legislation that creates a pathway for medicinal marijuana in our state. I have not had success in previous years, but I will not be give up until our sick and injured have more options for treatment that are not as harsh or addicting as current treatments. I appreciate the contribution from Mr. Nowacki and the media attention he has garnered with his journey.

“Earlier this week, I filed Senate Bill 255, which establishes a framework for medicinal marijuana prescriptions. Again this year, I am working to bring relief and comfort to patients and families looking for more options.”