INDIANAPOLIS–Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement after Governor Holcomb’s second State of the State Address:

“When the governor lays out his vision in the State of the State Address you expect to hear about ideas to improve the lives of everyday Hoosiers. I did not hear any mention of many of the themes that resonate with people across this state. 

“I heard no mention of legislative redistricting reforms, giving people a larger and more equitable voice in the election process. I didn’t hear any urgency from the governor about protecting children in DCS. There was no mention of Indiana finally passing meaningful hate crime legislation, a bill supported by 64% of Hoosiers. No financial commitment for desperately needed resources to treat the opioid crisis plaguing rural, urban and suburban communities. I did not hear of a real plan to address stagnant wages of working Hoosiers. These are issues that resonate with people all across Indiana, and issues we should be dealing with. Because I didn’t hear leadership on these crucial problems, the governor’s address missed the mark.

“Developing our workforce is a challenge which has existed for decades. The last three governors advanced plans which have come and go. It seems we are yet to get it right and clearly what we are doing now is not working. The system is convoluted, scattered and inconsistent. I was hoping to hear from the governor a bold plan to reform the entire system to give Hoosiers the skills and knowledge to obtain the jobs that employers have to offer. While the goals he mentioned are laudable, I did not hear a clear explanation of how we reach them or the resources needed to implement them.

“The failure to clearly address the problems brought forward recently when former DCS Director Mary Beth Bonaventura resigned is troubling. It seems to continue the unwillingness to address child safety before the General Assembly adjourns. I reiterate my belief that the General Assembly should be fully advised and involved in making sure children are safe in this state. This session.”