INDIANAPOLIS– Today, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson), along with House Minority Leader Terry Goodin (D-Austin), presented their assessment of where things stand at the halfway point of the 2018 legislative session. Sen. Lanane had the following comments on the legislature’s progress so far:

“I would hate to think that Sunday alcohol sales scored a victory, yet the supermajority killed hate crimes and refuses to hear a bill establishing non-partisan redistricting reform. If the legislature can figure out how to legalize Sunday sales, surely we can finally figure out how to move forward policies that provide justice to Hoosiers and restore faith in our elections.

“When it comes to our state’s children in the Department of Child Services (DCS) system, the Indiana General Assembly has failed them so far this session. The Senate Democratic Caucus has proposed legislation to provide legislative oversight of DCS to help ensure children are kept safe. We also have a proposal to offer loan forgiveness for DCS caseworkers to help recruit and retain staff and start stabilizing the workforce. Legislators do not need to wait until June, as proposed by the governor, to address issues we know are putting children at risk right now.

“We have another half left to go this session, and I hope that the majority in the Indiana General Assembly can get their act together to focus on items that will really help our state move forward. We still have a month and a half left to pass meaningful elections reform, a bias crimes bill and initiatives that protect our children.”