INDIANAPOLIS – Last month, State Senator Jim Arnold (D-LaPorte) requested the Indiana Legislative Council consider assigning an interim study committee to review and consider the pay discrepancies of the Indiana State Police (ISP) and how the ISP pay scales compare to city, county and other surrounding state law enforcement agencies. Sen. Arnold’s topic was the only subject that will be considered this summer by the State Budget Committee.

“I am very pleased that legislative leadership decided to approve my request to study this very important issue,” said Sen. Arnold. “These officers are extremely dedicated to the safety and well-being of Hoosiers so we need to determine how the state can minimize instances of pay discrepancy and continue to attract the most qualified individuals to this profession. Once hired, trained and assigned we must strive to retain them as well.”

Sen. Arnold noted in his letter to the Indiana Legislative Council that the ISP have not had a pay raise in eight years and that ISP salaries are starting to lag those of officers in cities and counties around the state. In fact, an ISP officer earns a starting annual salary of $38,444 when they are newly employed and in a probationary period, whereas the median salary for an Indiana police or sheriff patrol officer is $45,120. Sen. Arnold also said his worry is this pay discrepancy has led to officers choosing to forgo employment with ISP in order to work in cities, counties or other states that pay a higher salary. There are currently over 1,300 ISP law enforcement personnel covering 14 ISP districts around the state, including one that has jurisdiction over the Indiana Toll Road.

The Indiana Legislative Council met and adopted around 40 interim study subjects to be considered by panels this summer. The Indiana General Assembly annually convenes interim study committees and permanent commissions to conduct in-depth research and analysis of issues affecting the state. Recommendations from these committees are often the basis for future legislation. These committees will begin meeting in the coming months.

Sen. Arnold represents District 8 in the Indiana State Senate which encompasses   the majority of LaPorte County including the City of LaPorte and the eastern part of Michigan City. It also includes western St. Joseph County and Davis, Oregon, Washington, Center and Jackson townships in Starke County. For more information on Sen. Arnold, his legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit