I am outraged. The takeover operators of Arlington High School with their plans for reform and restoration now require additional public funding of their operations to achieve the substantial claims touted during their 2012 takeover.

Tindley Accelerated Schools, formerly known as ED Power, realize that their business model for Arlington High School will not net them a ”return” without a significant infusion of additional public dollars.  Without such an infusion, they will have to walk-away and return Arlington High School and its approximately 400 students to IPS.

The students at Arlington High School are some of the most vulnerable in our state and in the greatest need of a solid, quality, intensive education that results in graduation.

Instead, they briefly participated in an “experiment” in which they were student test subjects.

The experiment has failed and the students are the losers – despite forecasted improvement in test scores. They lose the stability, the predictability and the reliability they need in their educational experience to succeed.

Now we face the possibility of closing a high school with a rich academic history, a prominent community marker that was once home to more than 1,400 students and is known for the education and graduation of outstanding community and accomplished leaders.

No one profited from this experiment. Not Tindley. Not Arlington. And most sadly of all, not the Golden Knights.

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