INDIANAPOLIS – Assistant Senate Democrat Leader Jean D. Breaux (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement after an announcement that Anthem and MDwise will withdraw from being Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace providers.

“It is extremely disappointing and frustrating to hear that Anthem and MDwise – two of our major health care providers in Indiana – will be withdrawing as ACA marketplace providers because they have been vital pieces of the policy that has helped decrease the state’s uninsured rate to as low as nine percent.

“I am not surprised that many large health insurance providers are choosing to withdraw from the ACA marketplace due to uncertainty coming from the Trump administration and this Congress.

“The Trump health care law is being written behind closed doors – without input from Senate colleagues – and has not been considered in one single, public committee hearing. This fact alone is shameful, but even worse is the added pressure it places on health care providers that prevent the current law of the land from functioning properly.

“That is why Leader Lanane and Leader Pelath authored a letter to the Legislative Council to have an interim study committee take a look at how potential major health care changes out of Washington D.C. will affect Hoosiers.

“We already know that under the House Republican plan over 23 million Americans will lose health care coverage, and the Indiana HIP 2.0 program could be drastically affected. We need to know how we are going to help these working Hoosiers navigate the health care market should the American Health Care Act (AHCA) become law.

“Republicans in the United States Senate are playing games with Hoosiers’ health care. Luckily the Indiana General Assembly recognizes the danger that this poses, and will be working this summer to identify policies and procedures that will, hopefully, keep as many Hoosiers as possible insured.”