INDIANAPOLIS— Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Jean D. Breaux released the following statement following the news that a preliminary injunction had been granted barring House Enrolled Act 1337, a controversial abortion bill, from becoming effective July 1.

“This week’s rulings from the Supreme Court and the US District Court are good news for women, their families, and the medical professionals with whom they make both private and personal health decisions.

“No woman should experience the burden of having to travel hundreds of miles for medical help or have the government interfere during the deeply personal and emotional circumstances surrounding a miscarriage.

“At the same time, I find myself and my colleagues becoming increasingly exasperated by the Republican supermajority’s habit of embroiling us in costly lawsuits and using women’s health choices to advance an out of touch agenda.

“Hoosiers recognize that proposals like HB 1337 only serves as a distraction from the central issues we’re elected to address such as deteriorating infrastructure and lagging wages.

“How much more time, resources, and money will the governor and statehouse Republicans waste as they continue to use taxpayer dollars to defend their unconstitutional ideas?”