INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, Statehouse Republicans revealed the final version of their two-year budget. Shockingly, all of the Senate Democrats’ amendments that passed with bipartisan support were stripped from the budget by the supermajority behind closed doors, including all funding for doula services through Medicaid.

State Senator Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) had the following remarks about the omission of these life changing doula funds which she had just added to the budget the week before:

“I was asking for 0.00006 percent of the budget to radically reduce Indiana’s outrageously high infant mortality rates, something the governor outlined as part of his 2019 agenda. However, the supermajority seems to think that saving the lives of Hoosier women and children is insignificant.

“I am so disappointed and disheartened that the Republicans don’t seem to be considering all Hoosiers when they make these life altering decisions. It’s certainly not very pro-life of them.

“Unfortunately, my colleagues were more focused on policies that strip women of access to healthcare than policies that support healthy births and a quality life for children.”