INDIANAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Senate Resolution (SR) 6, introduced by State Senator Jean D. Breaux (D-Indianapolis), was approved by the Senate Health and Provider Services Committee. SR 6 urges the Indiana Congressional Delegation to re-authorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The federal program provides health coverage to uninsured children of low-income families. Congress allowed CHIP funding to expire in late 2017, but little action has taken place in Washington, D.C. to address the issue since. My resolution highlights the importance of CHIP funding for the children in our state.

“As we deal with the allegations against the Department of Child Services, we need to also be aware of the kids who rely on this program’s funding, and who will be put in danger if they’re not provided with adequate care,” Sen. Breaux said.

The resolution was unanimously approved by the committee and now advances to the full Senate for further consideration.


*Update: On January 22, 2018 the United States Congress reauthorized funding for the CHIP program when a short-term funding agreement was reached to reopen the federal government. Congress authorized payments for the CHIP program for six more years, after several state legislatures called for Congress to reinstate funding. Senator Breaux has since withdrawn her resolution now that Congress has taken action.