INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator John Broden (D-South Bend) filed legislation this month to clarify the definition of near-fatalities in cases dealing with children. Sen. Broden crafted the legislation to make disclosures more transparent and ultimately help protect children.

“We have a duty to ensure we’re doing everything we can to safeguard kids,” said Sen. Broden. “By providing a clearer definition, we can gather information and work to prevent future tragedies.”

Senate Bill (SB) 364 would change the definition of “near fatality” for purposes of the law concerning records relating to a child’s death or near fatality to a severe childhood injury or condition that results in the child receiving critical care for at least 24 hours following the child’s admission to a critical care unit. The new definition is closely modeled on the federal definition of “near fatality.”

Sen. Broden represents Senate District 10, which includes the cities of South Bend and Mishawaka, and portions of Portage, Penn, Centre and Clay townships in St. Joseph County. For more information on Sen. Broden, visit