The School City of East Chicago is proposing a referendum in order to repair the districts failing infrastructure. A referendum is the process where the governing body of a political unit (district, county or town) puts a proposed law or policy on the election ballot to allow the voters to decide if it should become a local ordinance.

In order to raise the money, voters must agree to pay more in property taxes. Legislation, signed by Governor Mitch Daniels in 2008, gave citizens the opportunity to vote on a referendum to increase their property taxes to pay for school repairs and renovation.

The Board of Trustees for the School City of East Chicago agreed in late January to put the referendum on the ballot. If the referendum becomes a law, the increase in property tax homeowners would pay monthly depends on the value of their property.

If a resident of East-Chicago owns a property valued at $80,000, the resident would pay an extra $68 per year, the same as $5.67 per month, in property taxes.

The taxation would begin in 2018 and continue for seven years.  This extra payment would go directly to the School City of East Chicago schools. To see how this referendum would affect your property, you can check the online calculator at:

To learn more about referendums and information regarding East-Chicago click here.