INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) had the following comments in response to the news that a second Roncalli High School counselor will lose her job because of her sexual orientation:

“State funds should not be used for discrimination, plain and simple. This is the second time that Roncalli High School has discriminated against its staff because of their sexual orientation — all the while receiving state voucher money. Lynn Starkey now joins Shelly Fitzgerald as dedicated educators who are being judged because of who they are.

“This is why the General Assembly must prevent discrimination in any school that receives public funds. Your tax dollars should not be used to discriminate against any Hoosier because of their innate characteristics.

“The legislation I introduced this session, Senate Bill 344, would have prevented any school that receives state funds from discriminating against its staff or students. My bill didn’t receive a hearing, but there is still time for the majority party to make sure this language becomes law this session. We must ensure that our schools are safe places, void of any fear of judgement or retribution.”