INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, two students at two Indy-area schools, Ben Davis High School and North Central High School, were taken into custody for having guns in school. State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) had the following remarks regarding the incidents:

“I want to thank the school officials and resource officers at Ben Davis and North Central for responding to the situations in a quick manner and working to keep the schools’ students safe. I know both districts have worked on initiatives to keep people vigilant and aware of possibly dangerous situations.

“Today’s events are a good example of why we have to keep the conversation alive about school and gun safety. The school year has not even been in session for a month, and in a single day, we see gun incidents at two different high schools. Once again, the problem is right here in our backyard, and it would be unwise to ignore it.

“Just this weekend, I spoke to moms, kids and teachers about this issue, and they demand more to keep our schools safe. We owe that to Hoosiers.”


More of Senator Ford’s thoughts on RTV6 here: