INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) had the following reaction to the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against General Motors (GM) that began late Sunday night:

“I want everyone to know that I completely and unequivocally support the UAW workers who are on strike right now. What we have here is a corporation that is making record profits off the backs of our own fellow Hoosiers – a CEO that is making 281 times the average GM employee. This fight is about getting a fair contract for the same UAW workers that have continued to sacrifice and bail out GM for the past ten plus years.

“I think that Indiana lawmakers and officials need to recognize how our unions have protected workers’ rights and wages for decades, and we must make it a priority to support these unions and the working families they represent. This issue is very close to my heart as I personally knew workers who lost their jobs when the GM stamping plant in Indianapolis closed ten years ago, many of whom live right here in Senate District 29.

“I will be joining the picket line soon to show Hoosier GM workers that I’m a state senator that believes in them and their fight for fair wages and fair working conditions.”