Indianapolis- Today in a press conference, State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) called for a hearing of Senate Bill (SB) 430. The proposal would repeal the plan to phase out net metering which was put in place in 2017 with Senate Enrolled Act 309. SB 430 aims to give Hoosiers back the freedom to power their homes, places of worship, schools and businesses using renewable energy.

“This is an important proposal that is supported by people on both sides of the aisle,” Sen. Ford said. “I am excited that Senators Mark Stoops, Ron Alting and Vaneta Becker have all joined me in working to get this bill passed. It gives individuals the freedom to generate home-grown, clean solar power which benefits everyone involved–including utility companies. Hoosiers deserve the right to be able to engage in the beneficial practice of net metering.”

SB 430 has been assigned to the Senate Utilities Committee chaired by State Senator Jim Merritt (R-Indianapolis) and has not yet received a hearing.

“I call on Sen. Merritt to give this bill a fair hearing,” Sen. Ford said. “Hoosiers want their energy freedom restored, and this is a chance for our state to lead in a clean, competitive energy market.”

The deadline to hear bills in committee is February 21.