I’m not really sure what to say anymore, friends. Folks across the country are so used to seeing mass shootings in public places that plenty were not even surprised that we had more this past weekend. Even two shootings in one day!

The cycle is endless. Mass shooting. Multiple innocent people dead. Thoughts and prayers for the dead and the people they left behind. Failure by political leaders to address the issue. Repeat. Nothing will change until we break this cycle.

This is why I need your help. We cannot have this just be another news cycle, to be replaced tomorrow with whatever is trending that day. We have to make our voices heard, and not let up until actual change occurs. This has to be the last straw. It has to be.

The killing of children didn’t make the people in power do anything. The killing of church-goers didn’t do it. The killing of immigrant families didn’t do it. Let’s make our stand right here and right now.

Call your federal senators and representatives every day. And don’t stop until they do something about this fixable problem.

  • Senator Mike Braun: (202) 224-4814, (317) 822-8240, (260) 427-2164, (219) 937-9650 or (574) 288-6302
  • Senator Todd Young: (202) 224-5623, (317) 226-6700 or (812) 542-4820
  • U.S. House of Representatives: Call (202) 224-3121 to find your representative and you can be transferred to their offices.
  • Indiana House of Representatives: Call (800) 382-9842 to find your state representative and leave a message with their office.
  • Indiana Senate: Call (800) 382-9467 to find your state senator and leave a message with their office.

If I’m your senator, then still call, write or email my office! I still need to hear from you about making sure mass shootings don’t happen again. The more phone calls, letters and emails I get from you, the more proof I can take to the Republican majority that my district demands gun reform. I want to show them proof that Indiana will not stand for nothing being done any longer. Right now, I only have 4 people who have reached out about mass shootings. I want my inbox to be completely full! My district email is s29@iga.in.gov.

I urge you all in Indiana to not let up. The more you call politicians, the higher the chance that maybe they will do the right thing. Maybe they will turn away from the gun lobbyists for one second and listen long enough for you to convince them to do the right thing.

I want to be an advocate for you. Keep writing and calling my office, so when the Indiana legislative session begins again in January, I can confidently bring thousands and thousands of concerned Hoosiers with me when I step onto the Senate floor to fight for change.