INDIANAPOLIS–Senate Democratic Assistant Leader and Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Health Committee, Jean D. Breaux, released the following statement in the wake of the governor’s announcement to investigate health clinics in the state:

“Women’s issues are more than easy political points. They are our mother’s, our friends, and our daughters’ ability to earn the same wage as their coworkers, a means of access to preventative and life-saving medical services, and the help Hoosier workers need when they decide to start a family.

“From his first session when republicans floated legislation to require vaginal ultrasounds, to failing to address the pay gap, and refusing to address paid maternity leave, the governor’s track record on helping women is abysmal.

“While the governor and statehouse republicans pick and choose which women’s issues gain them political points, Hoosier women and their families are facing real challenges.

“After staying silent on the policies that could make a real difference, the governor has decided to spend tax-payer dollars on an unnecessary investigation.

“Where was this attention when we tried to pass legislation to prevent unintended pregnancy or to close the wage gap? Or when Planned Parenthood clinics were shut down in places in dire need of services like Scott County?

“Moving forward, it is time for the governor to come to grips with the real challenges Hoosier women and their families face by bringing some common-sense, not political posturing, to the table.”

Sen. Breaux represents Indiana Senate District 34 which includes the near eastside of Indianapolis including portions of Center, Washington, Lawrence and Warren Townships. For more information on Sen. Breaux’s legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit