INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement following Governor Pence’s yearend economic development announcement.

“The fact that many Hoosiers aren’t feeling the effects of this Wall Street recovery continues to elude Governor Pence.

“We appreciate job creation but the real issue is raising wages and Hoosiers’ standard of living.

“Around the kitchen table, many Hoosier families are still feeling stuck.

“Hoosiers earn incomes, on average, what the rest of the nation made in 1996.

“Leading the country in poverty wage job creation isn’t the answer.

“Republicans have to quit sidestepping reality and focus on raising Hoosiers’ pay now.

“Republicans have asked families to stretch their incomes again and again. It’s time lawmakers do more to help Hoosiers earn more.

“Democrats stand ready with a package of common sense initiatives to boost Hoosiers’ pay and build strong communities that attract top employers with good-paying jobs.”