Senator Lanane and Michael Duerson

Senator Lanane and Michael Duerson

INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, the Senate passed a proposal authored by State Senator Tim Lanane (D-Muncie) to prevent concussions and head injuries suffered by student athletes. Sen. Lanane collaborated with Michael Duerson, who founded the Dave Duerson Athletic Safety Fund after losing his brother to a concussion-related disease.

“My hope is that we can prevent what happened to Dave Duerson, from happening again. Head injuries are serious injuries that lead to serious effects and we need to treat them as such with the right precautions,” said Sen. Lanane.

Senate Bill (SB) 234 would impact children in Indiana by requiring high school and middle school coaches to complete training, educating them about the signs of concussions, what incident might result in a concussion, and the effects of a concussion. The bill extends the law concerning concussions and head injuries to student athletes in grades 5 through 12 in every sport.

Currently the law only applies to adults coaching high school football. The proposal would require all coaches and assistant coaches of every sport to complete certain certified coaching education courses. Football is commonly associated with head injuries; however head injuries are just as likely to occur in soccer, swimming, and basketball. Sen. Lanane hopes the bill will extend a precautionary approach to educate coaches involved with every sport.

SB 234 was approved by the full Senate, 41-9. The proposal will now move to the House for further consideration.


Sen. Lanane represents Indiana Senate District 25 which includes portions of Madison and Delaware counties, including the City of Muncie and the southeastern portion of the City of Anderson. For more information on Sen. Lanane, his legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit .

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