INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement after revelations concerning the use of inferior road surfacing material surfaced earlier this week.

“Indiana can’t keep roads paved or bridges open. That’s the signal Governor Pence is sending to Hoosiers sitting in traffic or dodging potholes.

“Two bridges carrying major Interstate highways closed in four years. A $71 million asphalt ‘mishap.’  A near failing grade in overall infrastructure quality. Pavement lane miles in “poor” condition projected to increase through 2024. And no plan forward from the governor’s office.

“Every minute Governor Pence delays action on properly funding our roads, the hole he’s digging gets a little deeper and the cost to taxpayers gets a little higher.

“Governor Pence and the Indiana Department of Transportation continue to fumble serious issues including the recent closing of the I-65 bridge over Wildcat Creek and the resultant detour.

“An investigation is a needed first step but taken alone is shoveling dirt into a bottom-less pit. Anything short of a clear, long-term plan from the governor on how to fund Indiana’s roads and bridges into the future just isn’t enough.”