INDIANAPOLIS – In March, Governor Holcomb stated the special session would be used to give a $12 million loan to the Muncie Community Schools (MCS) and nothing more. However, in a move that has misled the constituents of Muncie, Republican legislative leaders now insist on the complete, irreversible and undemocratic Ball State University take-over contained within the failed House Bill 1315. Further, I am dismayed they ask that this crucial bill affecting both Muncie and Gary be passed in a no-rules, no-constitution, no-amendment, one-day rubberstamp session.

I support the governor’s original request to make the loan to MCS and allow the emergency manager to continue to make progress throughout the remainder of the year. In that respect, the continued partnership and assistance of Ball State would be completely welcomed. I do not, however, support the state using its power to dismantle a locally-elected school board and disenfranchise the voters in my district.

But apparently, select legislators from outside the district continue to rule the day in their supermajority, and the people of Muncie are to be dictated to as to the educational fate of their community.