INDIANAPOLIS – On Friday, leaders of the Republican supermajorities announced their plans for the one-day special session scheduled now for May 14. State Senator Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) had the following reaction to the announcement:

“Behind closed doors a few Republican legislators determined the fate of the state without an invite for Democratic lawmakers to weigh in. A series of suspended rules, misuse of the state’s Constitution and a waste of tax payer money is a product of a supermajority meltdown.

“This is undemocratic, this is an abuse of power, this is elitism.

“The proposed bills to be heard during this special session did not pass the regular session for specific reasons. They had not been properly vetted. Additional provisions were thrown into legislation at the last minute without going through the public debate process and now we’re going to decide on those same bills that have not, and will not be vetted, in just one day.

“This is a rubber stamp session. This is a take it or leave it session. My colleagues and I were not considered in the planning of this special session and I am sure we and the constituents we represent will not be considered on May 14.”