Today, the governor announced his intention to call the Indiana General Assembly into a special session this May to address issues that legislative leaders failed to pass. Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the follow response to the governor’s decision:

“The public shouldn’t have to spend $30,000 a day for a special session.  There is absolutely no reason the Republican supermajority couldn’t get all of these bills, some of which enjoyed bipartisan support, passed on time.  It was internal bickering within the Republican caucuses that held everything up until the last minute causing them to run out of time. This is mismanagement at its worst.

“It is important to address issues of school safety, no one disputes that. Of all the bills that didn’t pass, the school safety bill is the one I’m most disappointed the supermajority failed to address in time. It is telling of where their priorities lie that we passed Sunday alcohol sales and regulations on eye tattoos very early in session, but school safety failed to pass. However, with the call for a special session where tax matters are ‘just as important’ as school safety, Republicans have doubled down on their belief that the safety of children in the Department of Child Services can wait until 2019, further placing them in danger. This shows a lack of prioritizing issues that people in Indiana really care about.

“I am glad that Muncie Community Schools will have the opportunity to obtain a loan to provide much needed financial relief. The fact of the matter is, if the supermajority had done what was right in the first place, instead of trying to stage a state takeover of our school system, this critical funding would have been approved without the need for a special session.”