INDIANAPOLIS – On Thursday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement concerning passage of legislation intended to clarify Senate Enrolled Act 101.

“Today we stepped back from a historic opportunity.

“We had a chance to send a strong signal to Hoosiers and the nation that Indiana does not condone discrimination.

“I don’t believe the people of Indiana misunderstand this contentious law. They know that we can do better than this.

“Democrats offered actionable steps to repeal this license to discriminate and begin repairing the image of our state.

“This ‘fix’ fails to provide statewide protection from discrimination.

“The debate over RFRA has exposed Indiana’s Civil Rights protections for what they are: embarrassingly deficient.

“We abhor discrimination. That’s why we offered language to make it illegal in Indiana while also providing the strongest protections for religious freedoms.

“We cannot move backwards. We have a duty to each and every person that calls Indiana home to do the right thing. The sun is just rising on this debate. We’ll continue to fight for the rights of every Hoosier.”