INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement upon learning the study of Civil Rights for LGBT Hoosiers had been added to the next agenda for the Interim Study Committee on Courts and the Judiciary.

“I’m pleased to see our call for an interim study on Civil Rights protections for LGBT Hoosiers has been answered.

“Democrats have repeatedly offered actionable steps to protect all Hoosiers and, once and for all, rebuild the image of our state.

“While I’m fearful some have failed to absorb the lessons imparted since the Republican-led RFRA debacle, I’m hopeful that committee members will be newly enlightened by testimony from everyday LGBT Hoosiers.

“We cannot move backwards. We have a duty to each and every person that calls Indiana home to do the right thing, and the Senate Democratic Caucus will continue to fight for the rights of every Hoosier.”