INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement concerning mounting pressure to repeal Senate Enrolled Act 101.

“Governor Mike Pence won’t say it, but we will: discrimination is wrong and should be illegal in our state.

“Republican leadership has utterly failed in the handling of this situation and our reputation as a welcoming state has been badly tarnished.

“Businesses are heading for the exits and everyday Hoosiers are fearful their neighbors will be subject to state-sanctioned discrimination.

“To quell these concerns we must send a strong signal.

“We do not condone discrimination: we do not tolerate discrimination: we won’t legislate discrimination.

“We need to take clear, actionable steps to repair the image of our state.

“To that end, Senate Democrats are ready to pursue a full repeal of this ‘license to discriminate’ and have drafted legislation to achieve just that.

“There’s no compromise when it comes to discrimination.

“This is a second chance and it’s precious. We owe it to every Hoosier to get this right. We can’t afford to forfeit a single job or drive out a single talented individual.

“We have a responsibility to every Hoosier. Nothing short of repealing this hateful act and setting out clear protections will accomplish this aim.”


NOTE: A copy of the amendment drafted to repeal Senate Enrolled Act 101 can be found at:

NOTE: A copy of the amendment drafted to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation at: