INDIANAPOLIS — On Monday, the House of Representatives voted 78-15 to approve Senate Bill (SB) 552, the proposal that would make possible a historic economic development opportunity on the Buffington Harbor and I-80/94 in Gary, Indiana.

“This bill has overcome another imperative step to becoming law and creating a monumental impact on the City of Gary and the entire State of Indiana,” Sen. Melton said.

SB 552 now moves back to the Senate to approve or deny the changes made in the House. One change made in the House would require the Majestic Star Casino to pay $50 million to move one of its licenses off the harbor and along I-80/94. If the author dissents to the changes, the bill will go to a conference committee where members of both chambers will work on a compromise to the bill. Sen. Melton will likely serve on this committee and be involved in the negotiations made between legislators.

“As an engaged member on the conference committee, I will have the opportunity to weigh in on any additional proposed changes to the bill to ensure it goes to the governor in the best form possible for our community,” Sen. Melton said.