On Thursday, State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Gary) presented a resolution to the Senate honoring the life and accomplishments of Ermias Asghedom, also known as Nipsey Hussle. The full text of the resolution can be found below, and the PDF of the resolution can be downloaded here.

I offer the following resolution and move its adoption:

A SENATE RESOLUTION memorializing Ermias Joseph Asghedom, better known as Nipsey Hussle.

Whereas, Grammy nominated artist, Nipsey Hussle, was an African American songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, and community activist from Los Angeles, California;

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle was born on August 15, 1985, and raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood of South Los Angeles;

Whereas, Instead of fleeing the neighborhood, where he had survived poverty, gang violence, and countless adversities, he returned and invested in his neighborhood and community;

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle’s music transcended song and lyric. The music served as a call to action for those who also grew up in underprivileged settings. He stressed the values of dedication, hard work, patience, love, and reconciliation;

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle created Vector 90 to create links between young talent from impoverished neighborhoods and opportunities in Silicon Valley, began a STEM program for inner-city kids, and purchased the strip mall in Crenshaw that housed his Marathon Clothing store (TMC). TMC is a “smartstore” with a mission to create jobs and educational opportunities in Nipsey’s hometown, providing a pipeline for others in the community so they too can beat the odds and work toward creating generational wealth;

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle initiated a meeting with himself and members of the LAPD and Roc Nation to identify how they could work together to help prevent gang violence in South Los Angeles. The meeting was scheduled to take place on April 1, 2019. Hussle was killed the day before;

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle’s tragic death on March 31, 2019, shocked the world, bringing attention to the profound figure of hope that he was; and

Whereas, Nipsey Hussle’s legacy and life will continue to transcend time, borders, and hatred;

Therefore, be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana: That the Indiana Senate memorializes Ermias Joseph Asghedom known by Nipsey Hussle and expresses its sympathy to Asghedom’s family.

The Secretary of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to the family of Nipsey Hussle.