INDIANAPOLIS- A proposal authored by State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Gary) was heard in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation Tuesday morning.

Senate Bill 182 would give Hoosiers the option to apply for a mobile driver’s license. These licenses would not replace the plastic card option, but would supplement it. Today, 77 percent of American adults own a smartphone and officials think that residents will appreciate the convenience of having a driver’s license available through an app, the same way over a dozen of other states do.

Sen. Melton had the following comments about his proposal:

“Mobile drivers’ licenses are not only more convenient for Hoosiers; but as we move into a forever growing digital age, we must utilize all the tools that are available to us.

“The ability to have access to your driver’s license through your cell phone is beneficial to Hoosiers because information can be updated in real time, which provides an accurate and timely release of information that would take weeks to be updated if you had to wait for a plastic license to arrive in the mail.

“All information on the app is encrypted, and there are ways to deflect fraudulent actions. When you show your license, you will simply press down on the picture, and a seal will display to prove that it’s authentic.

 “It is my hope to continue to work with the Indiana State Police to ensure there is a process that would not require law enforcement to personally handle any device.”