INDIANAPOLIS – This morning, Republican leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives provided an update for when the legislature will reconvene for a special session this May. They are calling for a one-day special session to take place on May 14 and have outlined four specific bills to be considered. Included in the line-up was failed House Bill (HB) 1315 which further disenfranchises voters in Gary and Muncie by dismantling their locally elected school boards.

“Republicans are side stepping dozens of legislative rules and public input in order to get their misguided priorities passed in just one day. That means that public testimony and opportunity for debate on this controversial bill that affects my entire community will be nonexistent.

“I am disappointed that leaders in both chambers failed to listen to the governor last month when he said the special session would be used to provide a $12 million loan to Muncie schools and not to revive the controversial HB 1315. I was wholly in agreement with our governor, and I am disappointed the voters in my district have been misled by the supermajority.

“They are doing the wrong thing here. Ball State even said in a Muncie Star press article published last month that ‘BSU does not have the personnel, expertise or time to actually manage MCS.’ If this is really what the Muncie community wants then we should let them work that out rather than the state taking it upon themselves to legislatively mandate this. Also, the Emergency Manager in Gary has shown to be capable at handling the job assigned to her in a bill that was passed just last year.

“Special sessions are reserved for emergency legislation. Neither Muncie nor Gary are in an emergency situation, but instead are showing improvements. We do not need to pass a bill during legislative overtime that is not only unnecessary but will bypass the legislative process to eliminate the voice and the votes of the people.”