This week, State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) filed three of his legislative bills for the upcoming session. All of his bills—Senate Bill (SB) 174, SB 175 and SB 176—are proposals he’s introduced in previous years.

The first bill would remove all restrictions for voting by absentee ballot. The second piece of legislation aims to prevent sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking at post-secondary institutions. The last bill would increase minimum wage to $15 by 2023 and then increase for inflation in subsequent years.

“I’m reintroducing these bills because they are all important pieces of legislation that deserve to be considered and debated,” Sen. Mrvan said. “All of these bills would help improve Indiana and the lives of Hoosiers. By allowing qualified Hoosiers the opportunity to vote by absentee ballot, those who may have obstacles blocking them from voting in person would still be able to participate in our democracy.

“My SB 175 would require post-secondary schools to take an active role in preventing sexual violence by establishing guidelines and a comprehensive policy for students to refer to. My last bill would raise Indiana’s minimum wage—something that is long overdue. Indiana’s minimum has been stagnant at $7.25 for nearly a decade, and it hasn’t even kept up with inflation or cost of living. It simply isn’t a realistic wage that a person could rely on to make ends meet. We have to support working class Hoosiers and increase minimum wage.

“It is my hope that all these proposals receive the support needed to advance out of the legislature this year. We’re going into a new decade and it’s time for Indiana to move forward. Hoosiers are looking for progress and impactful change, and it’s time they got it.”