INDIANAPOLIS — On Friday, State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) attended the Indiana School Counselor Association’s (ISCA) annual conference where he was recognized as one of its Legislators of the Year. Senator Mrvan had the following remarks on being granted the ISCA Legislator Award for his commitment to school counselors and students: 

“It was truly an honor to be recognized and granted the ISCA Legislator Award. I’ve been an advocate for counselors for a long time and unequivocally respect the important work that they do. Counselors play a significant role in the lives of students who depend on them for emotional support, academic guidance, career opportunities and more. 

“Because of the counselor shortage, our Hoosier counselors are currently taking on even more work, and many of them are overseeing several hundred students. Counseling is a big responsibility and it can often times be thankless work. That’s why I co-authored the only bill introduced last year to raise the wages of both teachers and counselors, along with all of my Senate Democratic colleagues. Hoosier counselors, I hope you know that you have people at the Statehouse who are in your corner, who appreciate you and who are fighting for you.”