INDIANAPOLIS—During a Friday morning media availability, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) gave his review of the accomplishments and failures of the 2014 legislative session. Amid two historic votes to move forward with a plan to invest in early education and nix a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, Sen. Lanane noted that the legislature should have taken more direct action to address the needs of middle class families and combat the state’s poor health and earnings indicators.

Sen. Lanane made the following statement:

“Enacting a preschool pilot this session is a victory for common sense. We can all agree investing in early childhood education pays real dividends.

“This is a good first step but we can’t delay any longer; Mississippi is moving quicker on preschool. If we can commit to sweeping corporate tax cuts, we can commit to investing in Hoosier kids.

“The defeat of the idea that we were to vote on enshrining discrimination in our constitution is a major victory. Hoosiers expect us to be working towards more jobs, better schools and stronger communities, not focusing on divisive issues.

“A singular focus on corporate tax policy to create jobs is not the answer. The fact is, Hoosiers earn incomes well below the national average and we’re failing at educating and training our workforce.

“The solution starts with higher wages, quality schools with the resources they need and making health care reform work for Hoosiers. We’re listening; this is what Hoosiers want from lawmakers and we’ll continue to advocate for these common sense solutions.”


SEN. LANANE: “You know before session when I talked about how we were doing in session….”

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Sen. Lanane represents Indiana Senate District 25 includes the portions of Madison and Delaware counties, including the City of Muncie and the southeastern portion of the City of Anderson. For more information on Sen. Lanane, his legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit .