INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday House Bill (HB) 1002, a measure to increase infrastructure funding, was approved by the full Senate. State Senator Lonnie M. Randolph (D-East Chicago) released the following statement on the bill’s passage.

“Senate Republicans want to raise taxes on working Hoosiers to pay for roads in Indiana while continuing to cut corporate tax rates.

“Senate Democrats offered an amendment to HB 1002 to put a moratorium on those corporate tax cuts to ensure that motorists are not the only ones paying a higher tax. That amendment was pointedly objected by our colleagues across the aisle.

“It is clear whose wellbeing they prioritize: large corporations and their own political stability.

“There are things in this state that we should be raising, minimum wage and the number of jobs in Indiana. We should not be raising taxes on the same people who can barely make a living wage as it is.”