INDIANAPOLIS — On Tuesday, Senate Republicans announced the compromise made with House Republicans on the state’s next two-year budget. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Ogden Dunes) had the following comments after the changes were announced:

“Every single item that my Senate Democratic colleagues and I have fought for over the past four months was removed from the budget in the final days of session. In my 14 years in the General Assembly, I have never been so disappointed with and angry at the games played by the Republican supermajority.

“Senate Democrats fought to pass legislation that would improve the lives of Hoosiers and every one of our efforts was eliminated. Those efforts included protecting the Lake Michigan shoreline from erosion, providing adoption subsidies for foster parents to keep kids out of foster homes, relief for Hoosiers unable to pay interest fees on property taxes and funding the Mortgage Foreclosure Program requested by Indiana’s Supreme Court to help Hoosiers not lose their homes.

“We had a comprehensive proposal that would guarantee a salary increase for teachers, and the Republican supermajority once again neglected an opportunity to pay our teachers what they deserve.

“This entire session was an optical illusion played out by the supermajority, and Hoosiers should be outraged by this betrayal of public trust. Why do legislators spend hours publicly debating legislation in committees and on the floor when the actual decisions are made by one party in the final hours behind closed doors?