INDIANAPOLIS –Today the Indiana Senate approved Senate (SB) Bill 404, which drastically alters the state’s judicial bypass law. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) offered the following statements upon the legislature’s passage of the bill:

“In 1982 the Indiana General Assembly passed a judicial bypass procedure for young women under 18 who are seeking an abortion. These young women are choosing to terminate a pregnancy and afraid or unable to tell their parents, for some reason.

“They don’t want their parents to know the state they are in. For some of these young women, it is possible that they have been raped, molested by a family member, or scared of the response from their parents if they find out they are pregnant.

“Once again the legislature is stepping in to remove options for women to take their healthcare decisions into their own hands.

“Senate Bill 404 does nothing to protect these young women. It does nothing but put the State of Indiana on the line for a lengthy and expensive pathway to court, where this bill will be ruled unconstitutional.”