INDIANAPOLIS—The Senate Rules and Legislative Procedure Committee on Monday voted 8-4 to send  House Joint Resolution (HJR) 3, an amendment to place Indiana’s existing law banning same-sex marriage into the state’s constitution, to the full Senate for consideration. Committee members from the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus voted in unison to oppose the amendment and issued the following statement:

Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson):

“I’m certain if the Senate is guided by the principles of fairness and decency, and what’s in the best interest of the future of Indiana, discrimination will ultimately be defeated.

“This debate affects the lives of our neighbors, the lives of our friends, the lives of Hoosiers.

“It’s time to listen. Nearly 60 percent of those folks oppose locking discrimination into our constitution.”

Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Jean D. Breaux (D-Indianapolis):

“Strong communities are the cornerstone of a thriving economy. Strong communities are not built by limiting the rights of some. They are instead founded on the notion that every Hoosier has the opportunity to pursue happiness.”

Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Jim Arnold (D-LaPorte):

“If job creation is job one, why then are we making it more difficult for some of Indiana’s top employers to recruit and retain top talent?

“What sort of signal does locking intolerance into our state’s guiding document send to prospective employers? To future generations?”

Senate Democratic Caucus Whip Lindel Hume (D-Princeton):

“Real leadership is standing up for what’s right. Real leadership recognizes the value of setting aside this divisive amendment and focusing on issues that bring our state together.”

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