Indiana Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson), Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Jim Arnold (D-LaPorte) and State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) released the following statement upon adjournment of the Senate Select Committee on Immigration Issues.

“Our caucus remains concerned that the nature of this committee is punitive and we will continue to advocate for issues from healthcare to education that concern our immigrant population that are well worth the state’s time to address.

“Rather than retreading a law that was found to be unconstitutional, we should be listening to our immigrant community and targeting issues that build upon the contributions immigrants make to the state.

“Immigrants stand alongside us at our jobs and are on payrolls across the state contributing taxes, purchasing goods, worshiping with us at church.

“Many times they take the jobs that no one else will, and work hard at providing a better life for their loved ones just as any other Hoosier strives to do without having to fear their families being torn apart.

“If Republican Leadership would focus on reforming immigration in a way that simply lets people contribute to our communities and economy, rather than systematically vilifying entire populations of families, maybe we could get somewhere on this issue.

“If that is something we can do with this committee, we are grateful for the opportunity. But if not, we can and should expect a lot better of our lawmakers.

“Hoosiers are tired of reading about their home state in the news when we repeatedly make Indiana out to be a place that clings to the ‘good old days’ that never were, and seeks to protect the long-dated interests of a few rather than providing the basic necessities for all.

“Additionally, we can’t ignore the Southern Poverty Law Center’s concerns with the organizations affiliated with speakers chosen by Republican leadership to testify at today’s committee.

“We have a duty to ensure that the experts we bring into our policy decisions are there to help build upon our state’s laws, not tear down the communities our laws are enacted to serve.

“We will continue to participate in these meetings to monitor their actions and look forward to contributing to committee meetings by suggesting a list of experts and topics to be included in committee discussion.”


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