The Senate is quickly approaching the halfway point of the 2018 legislative session. This week Senators finished hearing testimony and voting on Senate bills in committee.

The first half of session will wrap up next week with back-to-back deadline days. On Monday, the Senate will be faced with their deadline to amend Senate bills. Quickly following, all bills Senators wish to move to the House of Representatives for consideration must be voted on by the end of the day Tuesday. A bill must receive a majority vote in both the Senate and House of Representatives to become law.

Following those deadline days, Senators will have a small break where they can return to their districts to hear from constituents before the second half of the 2018 session begins the following Monday. In the second half, the Senate will meet back at the Statehouse to start the first half process all over again from the beginning, this time considering bills in Senate committees that were passed out of the House of Representatives.

The 2018 session must be wrapped up no later than March 14 but could possibly have an earlier end date if legislators are able to push all bills through the process in advance of that deadline. The final day of session is known as Sine Die.