INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Gary) offered two amendments to House Bill (HB) 1253 on the Senate floor. These amendments would add protections for any Hoosier educator that chooses to participate in handgun training courses.

The first amendment made to HB 1253 by Sen. Melton would have required that a certified instructor or employee of the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board lead all handgun training courses, instead of the NRA as the bill is currently written. The second amendment to HB 1253 removes the hazardous language that would have allowed teachers to participate in training where projectiles will be aimed at participants.

Sen. Melton had the following comments on these amendments:

“When our educators chose this profession they did so based on their desire to help future generations discover a love of knowledge, not to be shot at with projectiles.

“We don’t set schools on fire to simulate a fire drill. We don’t tear a school part for a tornado drill. We should not be shooting our teachers with projectiles to simulate a school shooting during training.

“I have always been dedicated to protecting the rights of our Hoosier teachers, and these amendments would have done just that. It’s a shame that the supermajority doesn’t have the same drive to protect our great educators, but I will not give up on them.”

The first amendment failed by a voice vote and the second failed with a vote of 12-37.