INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, a proposal authored by State Senator Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) was approved by the Senate Civil Law Committee by a unanimous vote. Senate Bill (SB) 516 would allow an incapacitated patient’s guardian to request the health records of the patient after his or her death.

SB 516 would not affect estates where a personal representative has been appointed, but clarifies the authority of a guardian in other cases. 

“I am encouraged to see this bill make it through the first step in the legislative process, and look forward to presenting it to the full Senate,” Sen. Breaux said. “This bill will enable a guardian the opportunity to resolve any outstanding health or financial concerns that may still be in effect at the time of death.”

The bill was originally scheduled to be amended in the Senate Civil Law Committee, but after discussion between legislators, the proposal continued as introduced. SB 516 will now be considered by the full Senate on second reading, where it can be amended by any senator during the Senate session.