INDIANAPOLIS—Today, State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement upon learning of additional Republican support to establish a hate crimes law in Indiana:

“I have been pursuing hate crimes legislation for over four years now. While I appreciate the more recent support for the law and will work with the supermajority to get a bill passed, it is unfortunate that support for this legislation is a reaction rather than a proactive action that could have easily been taken many years ago.

“What pains me the most are the stories of victims that have been completely ignored by the supermajority. Last year a mom testified in committee with an excruciating account of her son being almost beaten to death by another individual simply for being black. The accuser’s only retribution was probation. This mother poured her heart out in front of several Republican legislators and pleaded for action to keep injustices like this from happening again. Yet, by not even having vote on the bill they sent the message that her family wasn’t important enough for the state to have protections against hate crimes.

“Of course I am relieved to finally have support of this legislation from my Republican colleagues, but I am extremely disappointed that it wasn’t until a hate crime occurred in a suburban community that they changed their minds.”