INDIANAPOLIS–State Senator Mark Stoops (D-Bloomington) has authored multiple proposals for the 2018 legislative session. Two of those proposals will focus on resident tuition reform and renewable energy.

Resident Tuition

Senate Bill (SB) 319 would allow students brought to the U.S. as children to access resident tuition rates if they fulfill several qualifications. Eligible students must have attended high school inside Indiana for three or more years, graduate from an Indiana high school or receive the equivalent of a high school diploma and enroll in a state education institution no earlier than the fall semester of 2015-16.

“This bill would expand access to education for all Hoosiers and allow each student to live up to her or his potential, regardless of their official immigration status,” Sen. Stoops said.

Renewable Energy

In an effort to support more sustainable energy practices, SB 318 would enact a provision requiring electricity producers to generate a certain percentage of their total electricity supply from renewable energy resources. In addition, the proposal would penalize electricity providers that fail to comply with this standard.

“Prioritizing the use of renewable energy sources is an important step forward in reducing Indiana’s reliance on fossil fuels,” Sen. Stoops said. “This bill will ensure continued economic success for Indiana and all Hoosiers.”

Committee Assignments

Senator Stoops will be serving the interests of his district as the Ranking Minority Member on the Environmental Affairs Committee, Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee as well as the Utilities Committee.  Additionally, Sen. Stoops will also serve on the following three Senate committees: Education and Career Development, Health and Provider Services, and Commerce and Technology.