Indianapolis– On Monday, the Senate voted in favor of Senate Bill 383, a proposal that would ban the use of air and gas operated weapons, such as BB guns, on school property. State Senator Mark Stoops (D-Bloomington), who voted for the bill, questioned the hypocrisy of Senate Republicans focusing on a bill restricting BB guns to protect Hoosier children, while refusing to hear SB 309, which would help prevent kids from accessing real guns and using them on school property.

“Of course BB guns can be dangerous, and I support the ban of them on school property, but what are we doing to address the real dangers of pistols, assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons?

“They are passing a BB gun bill, but my child safety bill, which would simply require gun owners to store their guns securely to prevent children from accessing them, has not even been given a committee hearing. Guns are currently the third leading cause of death for American children. If Republicans really care about the safety of our kids, they should be doing more than just preventing the use of BB guns at schools–they should be working to make sure real guns don’t get into the hands of children.”

SB 309 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has only one meeting left to consider Senate bills.