Governor’s blockade hurts working Hoosiers
By Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage)
Word Count: 242

Preposterous, I say. That the Indiana Attorney General is making this argument against the interests of more than 155,000 middle class Hoosiers is indeed part of the theater of the absurd. It might be funny if it were not tragic. Here is the scenario.

Under both Governors Daniels and Pence, Indiana refused to exercise the right afforded to every single state to institute their own health insurance marketplace (the exchange). (I offered that bill two different years). Consequently, Indiana opted to allow the federal government to operate the insurance exchange in Indiana.

People of modest income (up to $45,960 for singles and $94,200 for a family of four) are supposed to be eligible for subsidies to buy insurance through the exchange.

But a group of challengers argue: families qualify for subsidies only if they buy on a STATE exchange. Indiana’s own Attorney General is included in that group, and actively filed one of the challenging lawsuits: Indiana v. IRS.

Yes, he is trying to block federal subsidies to the 155,000 Hoosiers who would qualify. Really? Is that how our AG works for us? Whether Indiana should have its own health insurance exchange is the subject of the study committee on Fiscal Policy that is meeting this week. I hope the General Assembly can stop this destructive silliness and establish an exchange in Indiana. That will make Mr. Zoeller’s lawsuit moot, and Indiana can get on with the business of getting people insured.