INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Minority Caucus Chair Karen Tallian (D-Portage) released the following statement in light of recent events where Roncalli High School placed a guidance counselor on leave due to marrying someone of the same gender:

“I am extremely disappointed in Roncalli High School’s decision to place an employee on leave simply because she is in a same-sex marriage, a marriage that is legal across all of America. This act of discrimination shows that in Indiana, Hoosiers are legally being fired because of who they love. Indiana has to be better. The Senate Democrats have fought for the past three years to add sexual orientation to our civil rights statute to prevent this type of discrimination. This bill has never received a committee hearing. We are committed to fighting for this bill again, and will expand it to ensure private schools that receive public voucher money are not exempt from our laws prohibiting discrimination. Over the last five years, Roncalli High School received approximately $6.5 million through the state’s voucher program, and I believe institutions that receive public tax dollars should not be allowed to discriminate. I call on my Republican colleagues to support this bill next session to ensure everyone in Indiana has the right to go to work without fear of being fired. Hoosiers deserve so much more than this.”