INDIANAPOLIS – State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) has proposed new legislation to help Indiana working families receive paid family medical leave support. Senate Bill (SB) 210 would allow employees to create a fund to cover workers’ pay and benefits while dealing with various family health issues.

“We need to protect the working families of Indiana and help them during a family crisis.” said Sen Tallian. “This legislation would provide a saving option for workers, allowing them to have financial support that would provide relief if they ever faced a crisis requiring them to leave work.”

Currently if a Hoosier goes on Federal Medical Leave, they no longer collect a paycheck while simultaneously having to pay for medical expenses. One in three Hoosiers are low income workers, bringing less than $40,000 in to the home per year. When these families encounter family health problems such as a sick child, caring for an elderly parent, or unexpected illness they have no financial recourse available.

SB 210 aims to relieve the financial burden of taking medical leave. Sen. Tallian has proposed the Family Leave Insurance Program (FLIP), which would ensure that employees had an option to contribute to a savings account if they ever need to take family medical leave. FLIP would be a trust fund, with combined optional employer and employee contributions, that would cover employee pay and benefits while on leave.

“The Family Leave Insurance Program would allow Hoosiers to be dedicated to their jobs during the highs and be protected during the lows,” said Sen. Tallian.

SB 210 was assigned to the Senate Pensions & Labor Committee where it was recently discussed. While no vote was taken, Sen. Tallian hopes that today will start discussion to implement measures for workers’ leave insurance.

Sen. Tallian represents Senate District 4 which encompasses portions of northern Porter County and Michigan, Coolspring and New Durham townships in LaPorte County. For more information on Sen. Tallian, her legislative agenda or other State Senate business call 1-800-382-9467 or visit