INDIANAPOLIS—State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) responded to Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick’s proposed policy ideas for the remainder of her term with the following comments:

“Some of the topics that Superintendent McCormick discussed this morning are issues that Senate Democrats have long been championing so I am encouraged to see that kind of support come from her office.

“Most notably, I agree with her dedication to ensuring all schools that receive public dollars should be required to treat their students, teachers and faculty with respect and equality. This is a proposal that members of the Senate Democratic Caucus have also chosen to bring in 2019. The treatment that a school counselor at Roncalli High School received is jarring and should never happen again.

“It seems as though Superintendent McCormick has come to learn what many of us who have spent a few years around the General Assembly have learned. Republicans in the Statehouse will stop at nothing to undermine the efforts of those trying to improve our state’s education system. They did this in 2017 when they arranged for the Superintendent of Public Instruction to be appointed by 2025, rather than elected, taking a large voice away from the people. Now, the Republicans’ inexplicable move to fast forward that change by another four years has caused a series of distractions for that office to actually do what they are meant to do.

“Just as former Democratic Superintendent Glenda Ritz had her battles with the executive office, Republican Superintendent Jennifer McCormick does too. We need to put aside partisan politics, and do what is in the best interest of Indiana’s kids.”