Indianapolis—State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) had the following remarks about the governor’s support of the hate crimes language added to Senate Bill (SB) 198:

“I am disappointed by the governor’s decision to support the language added to SB 198. It is not the inclusive legislation that 74 percent of Hoosiers wanted, and it is not the legislation that the governor, himself, promised he would deliver.

“I truly thought that the governor was going to do the right thing this year. I hoped that he would stand firm in his decision to push for an inclusive, comprehensive bias crimes bill that would get Indiana off of the disgraceful list of only five states without such a law. I had faith, but I am worried now that it may have been misplaced.

“The Senate Democrats and I will keep fighting to get a real bias crimes bill passed in Indiana—one that doesn’t discriminate against anyone. I hope that the governor recognizes that Indiana can produce a more inclusive hate crimes bill than SB 198, and that he supports us in our efforts to make that happen.”